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This app is genius.

I love this app. I never fall back to sleep after I shake my phone :) It wakes me up! A wonderful app & I love waking up to see my daily horoscope!

Good app to wake up on time

Great but I can’t add my songs from Apple Music it’s annoying

I love Alarmy

Things to know alarmy is slightly different on a iPhone then android and more sensitive as well. This is my first iPhone so the difference might be normal. In order to snooze or dismiss alarmy on a iPhone you need to open the app. The shake is highly sensitive but you can adjust sensitivity. On a iPhone you must keep the app open in the the background or it will go on silent. Regardless I love it I’m an over worked E.M.T alarmy never stops going off no matter how much I snooze her she it my right hand man as long as I set her up correctly. You really can’t go wrong.

No alarm, alarm clock

Alarm doesn’t go off in silent mode, even when running in background.


There are so many options to choose from when it comes to waking up. I am a fan of the math problems myself. This app is amazing and I use it instead of the default alarm on my phone, I trust this alarm to get me up when I need to.

Really Works

This alarm is a blessing disguised as a curse. It is so annoying that I’ve started waking up before it just so It doesn’t go off. It’s helped a lot.


I wake up in the morning with this


I rely on this app a lot to get me up for things I simply cannot miss, like morning classes or early work shifts. I set 2 - 3 alarms where I have to shake my phone progressively longer and it definitely helps wake me up. I’ve also tried using the QR scanner setting and that was great as well, I just printed a QR code and taped it to my bathroom mirror. I’ve recommended this app to a ton of people IRL, it’s great.

Great app but sadly I still sleep through it

I might be one of the least agreeable people in the morning therefore every night I will set my alarm for when I want to get up. But every morning I decide that is not when I want to get up and instead of playing the games this alarm clock makes you play in order to turn it off I just delete the app. Idk if their is a way around this. But I am still on a journey for an alarm clock that will cause me so much pain in the morning that instead of sleeping I decide that it’s time to get up.


This is the best app I’ve gotten to wake me up, I’m a major over sleeper, but not anymore! I just choose an annoying sound and it wakes me up the next morning! The app is so simple and works so well and it is very user friendly!!!

I never leave reviews but this app deserves to be shared and used

Can't believe this is free. Best alarm app I have ever used. I am able to wake up and get my day started. Such a great tool. Thank you to the Alarmy Team


This app is amazing

Best free Alarm App!

My iPhone 6s alarm stopped working for no reason & somehow alarm apps still worked. This is the best out of all the alarm apps I’ve tried. Just Great! Highly recommend.

Life Changing

I used to sleep through alarms a lot. Now I never do! Even when my apple alarm malfunctions for whatever reason, alarmy always works and gets me up in time for school.


This is literally the most practical and useful app on my phone. I use it every day, I wake up when I need to, it’s as simple as that. I use the “take a picture” mission so I have to take a picture of my bathroom every morning before my alarm will turn off. Works every time.

Great app

This app is better than any alarm clock I’ve ever used and it’s pretty loud and doesn’t turn off unless you touch it so it’s great for us heavy sleepers


I used to sleep through 9 loud alarms and decided to get a better alarm after I slept through getting breakfast with my best friend (who flew out that morning and I hadn’t seen for three years after he moved to California)! AND OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T OVERSLEPT SINCE THEN! I use the QR code function and taped it to my bathroom mirror so it makes me get up and walk into another room to turn off the alarm (which is super loud and annoying... perfect!) It also gives me the weather and my horoscope after I turn off my alarm and I have truly enjoyed starting my day at with that! Love this app so so much

great app

Amazing app. Solid interface. Wonderful sleep.

Best alarm but one suggestion

Love the product, but is there a way you could add an always-on clock option that shows the time? I travel a lot and seeing an accurate time is critical for me when I wake in the night. I would also use it at home.

Works great. Does everything I needed it for

Great alarm clock app. Does exactly everything that i need it for

10/10 would use again

This was so helpful!! As someone who always snoozes or just plain turns off alarms in the morning, this was great because it prompted me to use my brain right when i woke up, and it really really helped. A sleepy school bound teen can find it hard to wake up, but this really made it easier to get up and get going. Also, the other features such as nature sounds, weather, and horoscope is great. It’s kind of a daily run down for me, all in one app. I love this app!


Love it. I was always sleeping through my alarm before I got this app but I don’t do that anymore!


I absolutely live this alarm!! I couldn’t find an alarm loud enough until I found this one! It’s very loud and does the job! My husband is very hard to wake up and he uses it!


This is a great app it helps with my weird times that i need some extra help with alarms so im not late. 😅😅

Do Not Skim Over Or Pass By

This “wakey, wakey” alarm app truly does work!! From my point of view, it was created for people like me. Someone who despises waking up in the morning, EARLY morning. Ok, it’s not even about the time of day. It’s about the awful task we make our bodies do every single day....WAKE UP! **There are some who have internal clocks. Whoopee Doo Daa** Prior to using this app, I was, well, late getting to the awake part. After that, “late” was the lead in every step and action I took. Because I WAS a habitual “snoozer”, this meant I was a Plus 1 for the alarm clock blame game (You’re a Plus II if there’s 2 bodies waking up to one alarm clock.) For every minor quirk that took 30 seconds here or 3 1/2 minutes there, that would cause me to fall behind, emm hmm late, I blamed it on my “snooze” time. I’ve heard the campfire stories about this “Easy Fix” for the blame game. Goes something like this: alarm clock goes off, right away the person wakes up, hops out of bed, day gets rolling. Right? HA! I scoff at such story. Now, if ANY of the above strikes a similarity with you, or someone you know, do yourself and them a AND use this app!! I promise you, you will have your own campfire story to tell. From day one, using this alarm clock, I’ve failed to oversleep, I’ve failed to be late and even failed to play the blame game. I’ve tried every combination imaginable (for me) and not one I tell ya, NOT ONE has failed me yet. Have trouble getting to sleep? There’s an option to play background noise, such as light rain, hard rain, waves, etc., and for how long. Whether it be 2 hours or 10 minutes. All the while, there’s a little clock showing the amount of “sleep” time remaining before the big show arrives. And yes, for most, way too early in the morning.

Great app

The features it comes with really makes it easy to wake up cause the tasks or math questions actually make you think and they’re timed so it makes you more alert

Life saver

Alarmy has been such a huge help for me! I have a bad habit of shutting off my iPhone alarm in my sleep, not realizing it, and over sleeping. The photo setting on Alarmy does not allow that to happen! Thank you to the geniuses who put this together!

No fail wake up call

Love this alarm because of challenges that you have to go through to turn it off. Really helps you wake up. Just be sure to adjust the volume when you’re initially setting the alarm, so it’s not insanely loud

Great app but some flaws

Overall this app is amazing. It has finally gotten me out of bed for work so I’m not rushing out the door to not be late anymore. There is only one flaw that I hope they fix. The only major flaw I have seen is that after a little while of not getting up I have been able to take a picture of anything and it turns off my alarm. This has made me oversleep a lot of times because I’ll do this to see if it works and when it does I then won’t get up. I hope they fix this because if they do then this would be the best app on the App Store.

This is amazing

Keeps me on my toes. I found myself waking up slightly before my alarm went off after a while. Perfect for teaching yourself discipline.

App will not open and keeps crashing

Title says it all

Better than the apple alarm since you have to un lock your phone to turn it off

Better than the apple alarm since you have to un lock your phone to turn it off

Needs bug fixes

Sometimes the alarm won’t go off until I unlock my phone. Disappointing performance reliability. Updated response: understood on the criteria for proper app usage. It is more-so when I leave the app in the background for a long time (1+ weeks). It seems to time out if too much time passes before revisiting the app. Closing the app and opening each day has so far resolved the issue.

MAJOR glitch issue

At first, I was obsessed with this app. So creative and it really helped me get my butt out of bed. BUT THEN, it started glitching and my early morning alarms just wouldn’t go off occasionally. For instance, this morning. I had to get up for work by 5:15am, leave by 5:45am to be AT WORK by 6:45am for a 7:15am class I was teaching. I set 3 alarms to solve math problems for 5:15, 5:20, and 5:25. None of which went off. I woke up, on my own, to silence at 6:39am and touched my phone: all the notifications were there but no sound. My volume was up all the way, phone was not on silent, and app was open. I don’t know what happened but I hope I’m not fired after being 45 min late to work today AND having to take a $50 cab to get there. Please fix because I used to really love this app! Now I gotta find a new one, and I’m sad about it.

Best Alarm out there.

Super awesome tactics, free, advertisements are there but not in your face. Super awesome app. Really gets me up in the morning.


I am a deep sleeper and this app helps me wake up for school


my alarm app stopped working so i downloaded this one it's so cute and great i love it 10/10

Best Alarm App

This app is so effective!

Wonderful! It is the only alarm that has actually worked for me.

I love this app. It has waken me up every time that I've used it! There are only two very minor glitches though. The sound settings after the chosen time is up sort if just loops really fast so you have to turn it off again. Also when you change an image for the lock code it sometimes takes two times for it to save. This app is DEFINITELY WORTH IT though. These minor glitches are nothing compared to the great options you with this. It is the only alarm app that has actually worked for me, after years of looking for one.


I was just browsing in the App Store for an alarm clock because I have such issues with getting up in the morning. I just touched on this app to read what it was about, and without even asking me for my password, it charged me $10. First of all, I just wanted to read about it, not buy it. And even if I had decided to purchase it, I was never even asked for my password password like I always get asked, in order to perform any purchase on the App Store. Then, I go to open the app to actually see what I just got illegally charged for and every single sound that they give you to wake yourself up on the alarm is soothing and calming. Definitely not loud enough to wake me up. All of the sounds are relaxing and instead of being a fraudulent alarm company, maybe you should consider doing an app for peace and relaxation....idiots.

Found a loop hole real quick

So I woke up, but only to turn off the alarm, it didn’t do that and so I had just deleted the app and went back to sleep... I find this absolutely hilarious that I found a loop hole on the first morning!

Great app

Best alarm for iPhone, try some others and for me this one is great.

Best alarm clock.

I kept hitting the snooze button on my iPhone. This is a great addition for waking up. But when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to get ya butt outta bed.

ALARMY!!! Best alarm clock app out there...

WOW! Seriously can not explain to you how loud, annoying and unstoppable this alarm clock is! If you have trouble waking up, and if you’re waking up hours late because u don’t remember hitting the snooze button, like me then GET THIS ALARM! No one could ever sleep through something this..

Great app

Great app works way better than default alarm app and no issues with Apple Watch.

My go-to alarm app.

I really like this app since it helps me actually wake up after the alarm goes off. The only thing that would make this alarm app perfect would be the option of having the alarm repeat biweekly. Because of my work schedule, I have to have two alarms for one week day, each one depending what week it is. It gets quite tedious and confusing having to turn off and on the right day alarm for that week. A biweekly repeat option would be awesome!

It doesn't work

This product is such a cool idea and has so many cool features but the alarm only works like 40% of the time and I end up waking up late. At the heart of all these cool functions it's an alarm and if the alarm doesn't work then it's pointless. I can't recommend it because it doesn't go off.

Amazing customization

I love that you can control the alarm and even skip those back up alarms!

Effective, but particular

This is probably more an iOS thing than the app developers, but this app WILL NOT RING with Do Not Disturb on. If it’s in silent mode then the app must be in the background. Also there is no option for Spotify or other music apps except for Apple Music 😔 but other than that I really like this app. I used to sleep in terribly, I had no self control. This app forces me out of bed and will not leave me alone until I complete the task. Now I’m almost never late in the mornings.


This is 100,009 times better than the alarm app that come with my iphone, this app actually does its job!!!

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