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So Helpful!

I was very close to losing my job due to oversleeping as I turn off all of my alarms in my sleep (I usually set about 10 different alarms) and this app has helped me a ton! The alarms all wake me up immediately (without making me grumpy which is a plus) and I don’t have to worry about shutting them off in my sleep anymore!

Goes off at wrong time

Was using the app daily and loved it until the alarm stopped working at the right time! My 6:30am alarm went off at 9:30 am! Beware! You might miss important appointments!

I love this app, but it’s not reliable

This app is fantastic... when it works. I’d love to give it five stars but an unreliable alarm app is pretty useless. I thought originally it was my old iPhone not working well with it, but then I upgraded to an X and I still have problems with it. The alarm will sometimes go off silently (maybe one out of every five times) and will, about just as often, just play the basic alarm tone even though I have a song set (a tone I find obnoxious to wake up to.) I’ve seen others complain online and their questions marked as “solved” with no actual answer for them. I know it has to be a glitch in the app because it I only have the one alarm set, I don’t change anything, I do the same thing ever night and it often works, but sometimes doesn’t. I even make sure to open the app before locking my screen to make sure it’s the last app open before I go to bed (a trick that seemed to help on my old 6 Plus)

If you want to get out of bed, use this app!

I have been the type of student to snooze my alarm or turn it off and go back to sleep. This app has changed all that for me. Ever since their last update allowing access to math problems and matching squares, i have always woken up and stayed up because you have to complete a certain number of problems for the alarm to shut off. Great app!

It works

This alarm fights back against chronic use of the snooze button. I do sometimes turn the alarm off and go right back to bed but most of the time it does wake me up. It’s also really good for not missing important meetings during the day. It will send a constant stream of iOS notifications to your phone (and therefore your Apple Watch) until you turn off the alarm.

Great app!

This app has helped me wake up more effectively. The options for “challenges” (math problems, having to match a picture to somewhere you’ve taken a picture of, etc.) are helpful ways to get me out of bed!

It definitely works

This app works so good that it will piss you off

This Wakes Me Up

This app really delivers what it promises. These aren't the alarm tones that come with your phone, if I was a Doctor I'd never lose a patient some of these tones would wake the dead.

Needed this

My mornings have improved so much since I started using this app.

Great alarm app

This is an amazing app I have hard times getting out of bed in the morning this gets me right up

Helps Wake Up!!

This really helps me wake up in the morning. It’s really nice using random features of it on different mornings to provide a “wake up drill” for days when I’m really tired.


Such an amazing app


I really love this alarm app compared to the so many others I’ve had First off it’s loud and wakes me up unlike many others Second it has numerous activities that you can set up to make sure u wake up And lastly I love the little fortune I get every morning it makes my day!:3

Take a picture option not working

This used to work perfectly on my huawei nova 2 plus. On my iPhone 7 though every time I set up my picture and the alarm goes off. I press take picture. And it just dissmisses the alarm and I oversleep. Fix this right now before I find an alarm that actually works


This app is amazing! It’s gotten me in the habit of waking right on time. Would definitely recommend for people have trouble doing this.


As a student suffering with waking up in the mornings, this has saved my life! I have only slept in late 2 times!! Which is a lot less than when I used my alarm that was already installed in my phone.... thank you so much for making this! <3

Days of Oversleeping Behind Me?

I have had trouble with oversleeping due to turning off my alarm when I tried to snooze several times this year. With this app I can’t snooze and the activities help wake me up enough to get out of bed once I get them done. Thanks!

-_- not worth the 99 cent

Paid 99 cent to still have a ad removed. Meanwhile right in the middle of the alarms there’s a ad and soon as you close the app notification comes open to leave the app open.

Awesome App

Well what can I say? This is the most annoying alarm ever. I used to be so bad at waking up but this thing won’t stop till you wake up. I’ve still slept through the alarm twice though. (I was very very tired)

Love hate thing

I love you but I hate you. Want to delete but I know I would miss you

Alarmy is my best friend

This app is the best. It’s saved me so many times. I could hardly every get up in the morning. The picture challenge is the best because I set it for my scale so that I can weigh myself every morning as soon as I wake up. All around, a great health app that I have recommended to like 5 people. I also sleep with a fan so when I leave town and don’t have one, alarmy conveniently has white noise to help. I also like that it tells you how much sleep you will get if you go to bed now. My only complaint is that one night I set the math question challenge difficulty too hard and it wouldn’t let me go out of the app to use my calculator to solve the problem. I had to delete it to make it go off! I just don’t use the math one anymore, but I definitely use picture challenge and shake challenge most of the time. Great app!

INSANE battery life usage

Downloaded app 2 days ago. 1st day Alarmy used 25% of my bsttery in 8 hours. 2nd day it uses 85% in 3 hours, both according to settings app. Please help

It’s A Productive Alarm

This App Is Determine to Wake you Up and Keep You Up


Definitely helps me get out of bed!

You need it!!!

I love it! It has helped me so much! The only thing I have to say is make sure your device won't die and the volume is on 😅

Changed my life

I’m so serious when I say this app changed my life. I wake up early now, do my chores before my kid ever wakes up, feed him a hot breakfast instead of cereal and we got out the door peacefully instead of rushed. ❤️❤️❤️ So happy

Worked like a dream

Love it works really well and gets me in time for school!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Great, but I have one complaint

Really great app. Helps me a lot by successfully waking me up everytime. Although it would work better if it could work on the iPhone lock screen. I have to open my phone to stop the alarm which is really annoying.

Blasts music needs update

I would reinstall this if they made an update that doesn’t turn any music playing on full blast while the alarm goes off. Forgot I had one set and my Spotify music I was listening to started playing out class... If the app allows you to momentarily turn off the alarm by clicking volume buttons would be better. And the easy math questions are not that easy lol


its annoying, but thats the point. works

so good

I never write reviews with any app just because i’m simply lazy but this is honestly the best app i’ve ever had. Every morning when this alarm goes off I hate it (because it’s an alarm) but i love it because it really does wake me up. I struggled for years trying to find a way to actually get up in the morning and this was the answer to all my prayers !!


I am awful when it comes to waking up on my own and with Alarmy I haven’t overslept.


Love it


Stop writing a essay review just put “ GREAT APP, IT WORKS GET IT”.

Started good at first

So when I first got the app I found out that you could use pictures and it seemed useful cuz you would actually have to get up just to take the picture and match it but for some reason it doesn’t even match when the picture was in the exact same place and nothing has been changed in it so now there’s a constant notification and the volume constantly goes up while in the app and the other choice was to delete so now I’m deleting it because it’s just another problem

Miracle Alarm

I sleep dead, but this worked. Messiah of alarm clocks.

High quality app

Before my phones regular alarm could never wake me up, and I had tried so many different settings with no luck. However once I started using Alarmy, this problem went away. I saw myself waking up to an alarm that actually worked and felt relieved to know I can rest and still wake up on time.

Very nice I like

Makes me get up

Great App

Best alarm clock app for the iPhone!!

This works

That is all

100%i would recommend

This app is great for teens who love to sleep till 2 love this app so much it has so many great options for getting you out of bed and it has a bunch of sleeping music and sounds. Love this app I would 100% recommend it to anyone who needs to wake up in the morning at a certain time.

This app is amazing!

I'm pretty much the world's worst at waking up early. With kids in school, that is an issue. The (free!!) features in this app make sure I get my butt up and moving on time, every morning. It really has changed my life! I'd give 10 stars if I could.


It’s actually really helpful compared to the original Alarm App On My IPhone. Thanks ! 💛

Pretty good

Yeah it’s pretty good. It wakes me up in the morning. You can set multiple alarms to trick yourself into thinking you’ve slept more. What more can you ask from an alarm app? Ads aren’t very intrusive so that’s good. It’s got some kind of news/updates page or something when you wake up if you’re into that. Overall it gets a 4.

Seemed good at first

At first I really liked it as it had a lot of customization options. However, some days no alarm would sound and it would just give me a notification every second so I’d wake up late with about 100 notifications. Other days it would make noise fine. Ended up deleting.

Gets you out of bed

I have often struggled with making myself actually get out of bed and start my day after dismissing my alarm in the morning. Although there are multiple ways of dismissing an alarm with Alarmy, the most effective one for me is the photo option. I set the original photo, such as an object in my bathroom, then every morning I need to get up and take a photo of that same object in order to turn off the alarm. It’s brilliant. The only issue that I hope will eventually be fixed for iOS users is that if the photo alarm goes off and it is actually impossible for you to take the photo (perhaps you spend the night elsewhere), then there is no way to stop the alarm beyond uninstalling the app. Simply remembering to adjust alarms accordingly as needed should eliminate this as an issue but it’s possible to forget.

One of my favorite apps

Great app.

There should be an option for a 6th star

I have trouble getting up for work in the morning (mostly because I stay up late), and the built in iOS alarm app doesn’t wake me up very well. It’s too quiet no matter what and sometimes just outright doesn’t work right. But with this app, I wake up within a minute or less, and have to ACTUALLY wake up in order to silence it. I highly recommend this app to anyone that either ignores their alarm or hits snooze every time.

So good

I hate getting up- I am a snooze button queen and notorious for turning off my alarm while this asleep. I love that I have to wake up to turn off the alarm.

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