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Before I got this app I was an extremely deep sleeper and it took me way too long to wake up. Now, most days I wake up before my alarm. It's an amazing app and the options that they have for how to turn your alarm off make it a thousand times better. My only issue is that there's one alarm sound that plays. They have options, but I chose the random option. For the first week or so it worked but after that it just played the default alarm. If this was fixed/improved the app would be perfect.

If you have trouble waking up, get this app.

Just like the title says. Mine is set to force me to take a picture of the bathroom light switch, meaning I have to stand up and walk across the room to turn it off. There are different options depending on your preferences/weaknesses, and the sounds are very motivating too. Police sirens in the morning are scary.

Best app ever

Totally recommended for those who have a hard time waking up.

This app has definitely helped me improve my GPA!!!!

Definitely helps me peel myself out of bed. 👍🏾👍🏾 side note: I never write reviews for any apps, with this one, however, I felt extremely compelled to do so!

Sadly works well

I hate it because it works

So far, so good...

I’ve been using this app 5 days a week for 2 weeks, and I haven’t overslept yet. The alarm is nice and loud, which I need. So far, so good.


Best alarm app!!!

Had to delete.

Very dissapointed, this app would randomly just not play any music in the morning causing me to oversleep. First few times I thought it was my fault but I checked every setting and there was no reason it should not have gone off.

Literally gets me up everyday without a problem

As a college student i tend to stay up late. But solving math problems really pisses me off and gets me up and going! Great app


It's very effective in waking me up since I usually just hit the snooze button and went back to sleep 😂

Good stuff

Thanks Obama

Works perfectly


Good app

I like it, pic mode is broken but i use math so...

Just what I needed

Have a real issue with not waking up because I would turn off my alarms instead of snoozing and not even remember it until I was late. Got reprimanded at work for being late. Downloaded this that day and have been early to work since :)

Only Alarm That Gets me up

I can’t get up in the mornings. I always go back to sleep, with this app, I choose the easiest math, and it stumps me in the morning because I’m too tired. It makes you think and once I get thinking, I don’t go back to sleep. I promise you, you need to get this alarm. Other alarms you know where to turn it off and you can do it in your sleep, you have to do something to turn it off or it doesn’t stop.

Alarmy App is amazing!!!!

I love this Alarmy app! It forces me to wake up because I have to do three medium math problems to turn it off. No more pushing the snooze button. Before using this app I would set five alarms five minutes apart to take into consideration that I would press the snooze button. I now feel confident that I will be able to wake up at 4 am tomorrow to drive two hours to get to my presentation on time. Thanks to Alarmy!


Love the app and the choices

Great app

This app has very clever ways to get u up in the morning that a normal alarm clock would


Started using this to help with my unwillingness to wake up, so I like that there’s task I have to complete. The sounds and overall design/aesthetics are pleasant too! Only downside is I wish I could connect Spotify, but due to tech issues not possible it seems. Have been recommending to everyone. Lol

Never goes off on time

Missed a job interview two days in a row when it failed to go off on time.

I love this!!!!

I love this app because my alarm clock on my phone doesn't go off so I had to get an app but I needed a Loud Alarm because I am a heavy sleeper so I checked out the app and used it for a night and it went off end it was really loud but that was good because I woke up for work and WASN'T late so Five stars

Pretty Neat:)

I like this app, I like that it forces me to think so that I wake all the way up, I use the math problem challenge:) I also like the sleep sounds, my kids sleep in my bed a lot and it helps us all sleep:) the weather, news, and horoscope feature is pretty cool too! The only thing I would change is for the alarm sound to start out more gradually, but that’s just because I prefer a gentle waking, I realize that most who use an app such as this one need it to be loud, but as I said earlier, I’m a mom, and I sleep with my kids, and don’t necessarily want them to get up at the same time I do;) It would be amazing if it could be an optional feature:) Update: 2/13/2018 Wow, thank you:) I will do that, I guess this app is pretty much perfect then;)

Great sounds to wake up by

Love this alarm. Love the sounds, they are very peaceful. Wakes me up from a sound sleep.


This app is amazing and really helps keep me accountable. I have 2 alarms set every day, the first makes me go to the living room to shut it off, the second is a picture of my gym. This way I have to go to the gym everyday to shut off my alarm clock.

Easy to use, hugely helpful

I love the flexibility and variety this app offers in terms of sounds, turn-off puzzles, and times. I have health conditions that leave me exhausted no matter how much I sleep. So I set three of these, staggered 10 minutes apart, with different sounds on each, but all with the same turn-off, simple math puzzle. Sometimes I only need the first alarm, sometimes I need all three, but whichever, it’s way easier to wake up with this app than any other alarm clock or app I’ve ever tried. Much gentler too.

Great app.

Love the horoscopes. Just wish I can turn off the alarm without opening my phone and going to the app.

Very effective

I have it set to make me take a picture of my coffee pot in the morning, and since I set my coffee to auto brew, I end up standing in front of already made coffee. This is the only solution I have found to oversleeping that works for me.

Very good

It’s a very good alarm app, I really like the different types of task you can put to turn off the alarm, it helps me a lot!

Please have the option

Before the alarm would pop up regardless if phone was unlock or not. Now you have to open your phone and go to the app to turn it off.. This is very inconvenient if your short on time but need the loud and annoying alarm to stop. It just makes you want to turn off you phone more... PLEASE try to change this

It Works!

This app is instrumental in getting me going every morning. I love it!

Gets you up!!!

I used to have trouble getting up in the morning. This app forced me to get up since it has a feature that requires you to scan a certain object in order to turn off the alarm. Plus the alarm is really loud. Highly recommended!


Make sure u have ringer on

Excellent app

I downloaded this app because my phone alarm wouldn't sound. When I first used this app I set my alarm to have to shake the phone vigorously so many times to stop the alarm! Let me tell you I was WIDE AWAKE after that!.... I now use the regular alarm and as long as the app is in the background it will sound every time.

Live changer, life saver.

This alarm is probably the only reason that I still have a job to wake up for. I could turn off 5+ alarms in my sleep but now with Alarmy I wake up and get my mind working so I actually become woke. I can't live without it. Thank you, alarmy!


This alarm helped me waking up extremely early so I could use my penis pump!

Perfect Solution for Chronic Snoozer

For 20+ years I have hit the snooze button 3+ times before getting out of bed. The last year I started hitting snooze without fully waking up, so I kept over sleeping. I tried setting extra alarms with alternate ring tones, but it didn’t work. This app solved my problem. Having to answer 3 math problems (set your own difficulty level) requires just the right amount of awake-ness to actually get me to fully wake up. I still allow myself a few snooze alarms, but I set it to require math at the time I actually need to get up.

Take a pic of your coffee pot! Life saver!

Now I have to go all the way downstairs and take of pic of my keurig! Love this!


Only alarm that actually wakes me up consistently

Used on Android, better on iphone

Super awesome with a better ui on ios than Android, love how it works and use it as my backup I'll never miss

Most annoying app to wake up to...

But it works great!

Don’t know what I can say that hasn’t already been said

But I love this app. I’ve been hearing about it for months and finally decided I was ready to set myself a wake up schedule. I’ve gotten up on time almost every day this week (and the one time I didn’t had nothing to do with Alarmy). I even have a manual alarm I put on the other side of the room, and it doesn’t hold a candle to this. Something about having to do math just gets me up! And I love the news, weather, and horoscope screen (my tiny complaint is that the horoscope isn’t very well written, but that’s not a big deal). I haven’t tried the QR code or picture yet because the math has just been working so well. I got the app 6 or 7 days ago, and I happily bought the premium tonight after a week of getting up on time for the first time ever in my life. Honestly it works beautifully either way, but the ads were a tad annoying to look at, and this app is so well done that the creators totally deserve it. I don’t think there’s much else to say. Thank you for making this app, and I will cry if it ever goes away.


Nice calm alarm for people who are light sleepers and get startled easily.

I actually get up

Great app. I enjoy all of the different features and alarm tones. It has really helped me get up instead of pressing snooze 5 times

Kept oversleeping. Not anymore.

When I started the new year, I realized one thing: habits can make or break your life. Therefore, I sought out a means by which I could quit my habit of oversleeping — thereby missing what schedule I operate by. This was the first, and last, app I checked out. It has been so huge a help in my goal to rise earlier (y’know the Ben Franklin quote, ‘early to sleep and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’) that I would recommend it to any and every other heavy-sleeper in a similar predicament as mine. Well rounded, masterfully created, and exceptionally straightforward, the Alarmy App is my newfound necessity.


This app has helped me get up so much! And I love the sleep music feature!

It doesn't work in silent mode

I have set up an alarm and it didn't even work And I can't understand why??

Only thing that wakes me up in the morning

The apple alarm isn't loud enough and I am a heavy sleeper. This wakes me up 100% of the time

No more snooze!

I used to be one of those people with at least 5 alarms in 5min increments. But now, I only use this one alarm. I use the barcode mode and set it for the barcode on my coffee, which not only successfully gets me out of bed right away, but also keeps me up since I make coffee instead of going back to bed. I've recommended this to a lot of my friends and they love it too!

For a chronic snoozer this is the best

Love this app!

I wouldn’t ask for anything more!

My, my! I love this app, it calms my nerves. When I’m tired and have too much on my mind I use the fireplace effect and can still check other things on my phone. I recommend it to people in University, and I use it not for just sleep. To calm myself, and make sure I’m not late and I’m in order for things. Never again will I need to search for good alarm clocks this is beyond FANTASTICO! ITS TRIPPLE RIPPLE HOLY CRAP THATS AMAZING. Yep, I love it. - The anonymous person who loves it.

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