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Perfect for crazy travel life

I travel quite a bit and this app has changed the game for me. It’s hard to adjust to time zones from time to time and this app reminds me how bad my math is.

Love! But...

Love this app Love the missions Love the alarm sounds Love the crescendo Love the unlimited snooze But...could use a quick fix. The quick alarm is off by a minute or two. When you add minutes, the minutes remaining are less than what I’ve added (i.e., if I add 5 minutes on the quick alarm, it rings at three minutes instead). Also, would love other widget options instead of just news and horoscope. But that’s not a deal breaker for me. Other than that, this app is perfection!

Love it

This app has been working consistently for me for a number of months now


Amazing app! Has fun ways to make you wake up that actually are good for your brain! Also has other awesome functions like sounds to help you sleep and weather, news, and horoscope information for you when you wake up! Has changed my life! ❤️

Excellent app!

Amazing app, the randomize alarm feature really helps me to not get annoyed by the same tone. One complaint, however, when you set it to random, it includes all alarms listed, including the super loud ones and the silent one. It would be much better not to include these, but the app works great nonetheless.

This is a Life saver

I’m not late to work anymore this app does it’s job perfectly Easy to use and won’t let you down Easiest 5 stars

Love it

Literally the most annoying and obnoxious alarm I’ve ever crossed paths with... it’s perfect!

Very good

Everyday it wakes me up refreshed and I am never tired

رائع البرنامج جدا جداً

رائع البرنامج جدا جداً

It works!!!

I was forever oversleeping my alarm until Alarmy. I do not miss the flat out, dead panic, espresso shot of stress first thing in the morning! Alarmy will NOT turn off until you complete your task. It does what it says it will do: force you to wake up and get up. Alarmy is great! It’s the only alarm app you need. Sincerely, Miss Slugabed

perfect for someone who doesn’t stop snoozing

I always sleep through my alarms, or just snooze and fall back asleep but because of the picture feature it gets me out of bed to the coffee maker. really has helped me so much being a college student.

Exactly what I needed

I always would snooze my alarm in my sleepy sub-consciousness. NOT ANY MORE. Having to complete a task to make the alarm stop is genius. It definitely wakes me up enough to get out of bed on the first alarm

Good app

I don’t usually participate in reviews but this is a solid alarm app and I wanted to clear up my mistake in selecting the stars for rating. I intended on giving a 5 star rate but not knowing how it works I hit the first star and it took that then the second star and so on till I got the 5th one selected. Sorry for the other ratings I gave less than this deserved. Have a nice day everyone reading this.

Best alarm I ever used !

This is the only alarm that has ever worked for me. Plus this app features other aspects like weather and horoscope. I love it !

Best alarm ever!!!

Help’s me get up at 5:30 and not go back to sleep!

Best ever

By far the MOST effective alarm I’ve ever used! It gets up so quick- I always have my alarm set with a “brain stumper” aka simple math problems which wakes me up fairly quick because I have to think 😂 I also can’t snooze it either.. it just turns itself back on and gradually gets louder. It’s a love hate relationship 🤷‍♀️


Never late

I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t work.

It works just use it

An alarm that will get you to an 8am

I had an 8am class my first semester and this thing was a lifesaver. It made me get out of bed to take a picture to turn the alarm off and it was super loud and effective. I love the weather updates and astrology for the day. Honestly the most useful app out there, it’s so great for a student

Super helpful!

I love this alarm app, it really helps me get out of bed in the morning! I just wish it had more options for alarm ringtones. But it’s great!

Usually it works, but it’s screwed me over a few times

Normally, this app works just fine, but for a few days, my alarm would go off, but there would be no sound. I would see the notifications on my phone, yet it would be silent. I check my volume, and it’s full! I’ve tested it out with the exact same conditions (ringer off, but volume at full) and it worked just fine. Idk why it suddenly didn’t work for a few days, but I’ll always be skeptical of this app, and always have a second alarm

Deep sleeper.

This is one of the only alarms that ever worked for me. It has a lot of very loud, annoying sounds to pick from. I’ve slept through many alarms for 2-3 hours before, this not only wakes me up, but won’t stop alarming until I get up and take a picture of something, something I picked out. This alarm will get you up!!!

Life. Saver

This is honestly the best app on the market. It has saved me from missing important appointments soo many times. Honestly a must-have for deep sleepers like me. Couldn't recommended this one enough. I never write reviews but this app deserves it. Fair play to the developers.


I would recommend

The ONLY alarm that can get me up in the morning

Truly the only alarm that will wake me up in the morning. I started off with the math option but I would just fall asleep while trying to solve the arithmetic, so I changed it to the photo option and it is the best thing especially if the photo is something in another room.

Love this app

I love this app but there is one thing about it taking the pictures as the mission is the HARDEST THING TO DO so maybe they can fix/change it

The alarm volume is acting up

7/18: So now even if I don't keep Alarmy out of the background list, the alarm volume is super low when it goes off. It doesn't always happen, it seems random. However this means of course that I don't hear it and sleep through it on random days. Update 2018-04-26: Seems like keeping the app out of the background stops alarmy from being able to control volume. Alarms are super quiet until I open the app to stop the alarm, then they are super loud.


I absolutely love this app!!! It’s the only one that actually works for me. My biggest problem though... I’ve figured out how to delete app in my sleep. Lol. I download it about 6-7 times a month! Love it!!!!

Great app!!!

This app has finally helped me stick to getting up in the mornings on a consistent basis! I like the choices for alarms and the snooze settings, but my favorite part is definitely the sleep noise setting!


Very Loud and Very Good

I don’t normally write reviews....

Alarmy gets me up and out of bed on time and every time. It is much louder than the standard alarm clock and I couldn’t be happier for that. Two updates I would make if the developers are following- enable GPS position to alarm deactivation. Sound of USA emergency broadcast system needs to be added to the library. Thanks for keeping me on time!

Very helpful

Havent slept thru my alarms w this app


Absolutely love this app. My entire life I’ve had to set 10 alarms every morning, constantly snoozing until waking up at the very last possible second for work. After downloading this app, I have much more productive and enjoyable mornings (and might even consider myself a morning person!). I would recommend this app to all of my friends!

Great Alarm

I have iPhone and do not like its alarm settings. Too limited. This one has more features and is a lot better. Thanks


I have had nothing but good experiences with this app.


What I did was take a picture of the downstairs bathroom and it works AMAZINGLY. Every morning I have to go downstairs, so it gets me on my feet and woken up. I definitely recommend.


Works better than regular alarm

Good app.

This app is really good

I finally hear my alarm

I was having to set 10 different alarms in the morning and I would still sleep through them or hit the snooze in my sleep. But now, I have a task to get my alarm to turn off and by the time I finish the game, my brain is awake enough to get the day started. I highly recommend this app.

The best method to waking me up!

Yo this alarm works! It’s lit af.

Worst alarm app ever

First time I used this app was the worst morning of my life. I slept right through the alarm for a whole hour. I kept using the app just in case I needed to get used to it but nothing. The alarm noises are too soft and the app force closes itself so my alarm doesn’t even ring. A whole week I was late for work and I am close to being fired, I’ll just stick to normal alarm clocks than this piece of garbage app

Definitely works!!

The Math problems + extremely loud alarm is a great combo, just make sure to switch up your alarm noises every once in a while to keep that sleepy brain guessing!

Great app!!!

This thing gives you no rest 😝😁 Way to go, thanks, devs!!!

Best alarm

I’m a deep sleeper and regular alarms never woke me up. This app helps me get up for work with no problem.

Alarmy works!

I have ALWAYS had trouble getting up in the morning. As life became busier, and my desire to be more productive increased, I searched for a solution to gain more time during my day. The answer was to start earlier, but how would I wake up? Alarmy was the answer I was looking for! I set this little gem of an app to have the most annoying sound offered, a rooster crow! To really ensure I couldn’t work around the best features of what makes Alarmy so effective, I utilized the ability to require that I take a photo to turn off the alarm; and what better photo to take than of my coffee pot! I have woken up bright and early ever since. What’s it worth to me? I have been able to finally get to my reading list, enjoy time on the deck at my bistro table, and incorporate body weight exercises to my morning routine. Get Alarmy and get moving!

Great alarm

Absolutely hate my life after downloading this. No more sleeping through alarms. It may not make me the happiest of people,but it does wake me up.

A Great Alarm App Indeed!

I decided to get Alarmy after hearing about an alarm app that makes you take a picture of something before turning the alarm off. It's worked every time and I appreciate that it also contains extra features such as sleep music/white noise, the daily news when you wake up, and other ways to configure the alarm to go off aside from making you take a pic. A great multipurpose alarm app indeed.


Apple alarm clocks to me are just toooooo quiet! I downloaded this app because I was having troubles waking up to the sound of my alarm but since downloading this app I have maybe woken up late 3-5 times because I like to sleep in lol. I highly would recommend using this alarm if you have problems hearing alarms or just waking up in general

It’s Great But....

I have a problem. When I don’t want to wake up, I just delete the app in my half asleep state and go back to sleep. So other than that, it’s awesome

Better than ios

Great alarm app my fave. Its just easier to use than the native ios alarm app.

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