Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)- Alarm clock App Reviews

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Makes sure I get out of bed, Alarmy gets me places on time!

One Volume - LOUD

For some weird reason my iPhone alarms decided to stop working. So I got this app to replace that. But while the idea is a good one (having to shake your phone/do a math problem to turn it off), I was not prepared for the volume to be ALL THE WAY UP. I am married so I don't sleep alone - this thing scared the hell out of both me and my husband. There is no way to turn the volume down at all. If you don't sleep by yourself, pick a different alarm!!!


Everything I could ask for from an alarm app!

Hell Yeah Boi

It's annoying af when you need it to be. Built in sleep noise generators. Ads *aren't* annoying. PLUS I can check the weather and read my horoscope. Look up my star stats for the day. Dope. 5/5


Not here to write a long review, it's a pretty self-explanatory app and it works fine, never missed an alarm or anything. I'm just writing this because they deserve the five stars.

Where's the sixth star?!

Honestly this app executes incredibly. I downloaded multiple ones and the flexibility, variety and accessibility of this app is amazing.

Amazing app

Before I would always wake up and than fall asleep but with this app, I wake up

Deep sleeper and repeat snoozer is now on time!!

I have tried every alarm system out there, different tools and multiple apps, setting it across the room, a vibrating disk etc.. My fiancé is a light sleeper and was sick of me always hitting snooze 15 times with an obnoxious alarm tone. He found Alarmy for me! I use the picture alarm (of my bathroom) it gets me up out of bed with one alarm! I’ve been on time, and less stressed. This app is free!, but at the same time worth a million dollars because of the positive changes in my life.

It'll wake you up alright

I use the picture, take a picture of the fridge downstairs to turn off the alarm. It's a solid walk and forces you to get out of bed. Great concept!

A couple bugs, but lovely overall


Wakey Wakey

I do not do mornings nor do I wake up easily. This alarm will actually wake me up. It forces me out of bed. I haven't been late to work in a long time. The alarm is a good tune. I usually hum it on the way to work.


It really helps me to wake up

So great

I sleep in a bunk room at my sorority house and this app is perfect. It has a silent vibration period before making sound so I have time to get out of bed before disturbing everyone else sleeping. I used to turn off my alarm in my sleep and this actually makes it impossible to do that. Would recommend to everyone

The best!

Simple and clean

Really good app

Definitely help me get up even when I didn’t want to

Wakes me up and keeps me awake

This apps makes sure I can't fall back asleep and has been exactly what I needed.

Helped so much

100% would recommend

Actually get me up

Increíble cuando yo levanto por el día

Love it

Love everything about this I would love to see some Spotify Integration for music playing.

Love it

I use this app everyday and it helps me get up in the morning and forces me to actually wake up instead of just a thing I can snooze and fall asleep for an hour

Works so good I hate it

I am one of those people that only over sleep and that's what I'm used to but no I wake up every morning hating my alarm clock because it actually works and I'm glad cuz I got to get to school or ill not pass

Works great

This app works perfectly for me. I can start with a normal alarm, then do one slightly harder to turn off, then one after that that actually makes me physically get out of bed to turn off. Perfect for actually getting me up in the morning, which alarms before have failed at. Lots of customization options to make it work just for you.


Gets me up and out of bed!

Gets you up!!!

Great app to get you out of bed in the morning!!! I always wake up to this alarm and not my normal iPhone alarm. There is so much options when creating an alarm so it can fit your needs. It tells me the weather and news every morning. Highly would recommend!!!

good app !

no longer need 200 alarms😂

Thank youu

Honestly the only app that can wake me up. Somehow, I still manage to ignore it, but I at least wake up long enough to decide if I want to continue sleeping or get up (with the picture feature, I'm forced). Thank you Alarmy!!


I use it every day. I'm not a morning person but it sure does wake me up. I set it for 50 heavy shakes and I can't go to sleep after that!!!!


This app is great It usually wakes me in the morning I do wish there were more sleep sounds and alert tones but other than that, I highly recommend this app!

My first job

It kept me from getting fired 😛

I sleep like a rock

I finally found something to get me out of bed in the morning. I use to wake up just to turn my alarm off to sleep more but this works. I set a bar code scanner so I have to actually get up and best of all it was free. Highly recommend for anyone with troubles waking up


Only thing that kept me from snoozing

Great app

Perfect for heavy sleepers, almost guaranteed to get anyone out of bed.

Does not work in DND on iOS 11

Last night I updated my phone to iOS 11. I set an alarm for 5:45 AM in Alarmy and turned Do Not Disturb on like I usually do when going to bed. My phone did not ring AT ALL, only vibrated, while DND was on. Because of this I woke up 2 hours late for work. Previously I did not have this issue. Also in Alarmy Pro it DOES ring while DND is on. Why does this app not? Seems like something worth noting so that people don't miss their alarm.


I can easily turn an alarm off and fall back asleep even if the alarm is across the room. It is very difficult for me to wake up in the morning even if I have had enough sleep. Alarmy is my 3rd alarm and completes my need. I have it set for two "very easy" math problems. They are very easy wide awake but more difficult when you have just been awaken. Alarmy forces my brain to engage, starting the wake-up process.


Since I have been using the app, I never get late at college

Everything the native alarm click ISN'T

Has every function I could imagine. Plus news to wake up to, a fun daily horoscope and weather.

Love this app

Shoutout to whoever made this app. This is the first app review I've ever written . I think this app deserves some love, it has hundreds of times. Just get it. It's free, lol .

Really wakes you up

Nothing gets you up quite like complicated math problems

Don't get it

While my phone was charging it was BEEPING sooooo loud and it was non-stop and I didn't even set an alarm for that time

Great alarm app

The sounds for the alarm aren't super annoying (at least the one I chose). For me, I wanted an alarm sound that wouldn't upset me in the morning and was harder to snooze and this app was exactly what I was look for.


I am the world's worst at waking up. I downloaded this out of desperation after being late to work too many times for comfort. It hasn't failed me yet. I use the air-raid sound with the math setting and make myself do five problems. If I fall asleep between equations, it makes me start over. Perfectly brutal.

Simple and really easy fr fr


Thank you Alarmy

This clock is amazing. I don't oversleep anymore. It makes me mad enough I have to get up.

A must app

Seriously having trouble waking up or usually like me set 6 alarms only to keep hitting snooze? Wanna stop, set one a look alarm, and wake up effectively this app is a must.

Perfect!!! Just what I needed

I'm on middle school and it's the the 6 week of school and I've already been late for school 5 times because of my bad habit of turning my alarm off and getting back in bed. This app makes you get up out of bed and take a picture which is probably down stairs and won't turn off until you do. This app is the perfect app for if you have a bad habit of turning off your alarm and going back to sleep or if you use want to wake up on time. Anyway I really recommend this app and give it 5 stars and I think you should get it 😘😘😘


I think this app is great because you can fall asleep listening to music and the alarms to wake up to are up beat and loud enough to get u up and going in the morning

Great alarm

super good

Great app

I love that you can choose a photo! I set it for right where I want to do my morning routine. And it isn't so annoying that I am full of rage when I wake up:)

Helps me wake up on time

I used to have to have like 5 alarms at a time and then I was recommended this app by Mashable. If you have a problem waking up on time Alarmy is so for you.


Hi I'm here to tell you I'm in 7th grade and I LOVE this app and I hope you do to thanks for reading my review BYE

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