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Genuinely a good alarm

It wakes me up whenever I use it and doesn't allow you to snooze it or anything which really helps. I loved doing the math but I started using the calculator on my phone so now I just do a photo of a different place in my house each night. Great app!

Easy to use, effective as heck

I had my doubts, but this is the best alarm app I’ve used.

The best part of waking up...

Is having to solve maths

Best alarm

Very loud, has great features. Worth buying the pro version!

You did help

Could you add an option for multiple tasks to wake you up? Like math and shake during a single alarm...

Love it

No more snoozing. Can’t turn it off without taking a walk to scan my barcode. Don’t take a picture that is too detailed or lining it up may be an issue. I certainly was awake by the time i lined it up though.

Love It!

Works Great for me! No complaints!

Good when not deleted

Never missed work with this app unless I freakin delete the app and then the preset alarm is on for weekend and the other weekdays. I need two-three alarms to wake up and I slept in for work because my 2nd alarm was set for weekdays ugh. But otherwise the ways to turn off the alarm work every time


Wakes me up every morning.


Rejiuvenates my will to live and makes me not notice typos

Super helpful!!

The apple alarms are so easy to sleep through and shut off that I ended up missing important meetings and gym sessions because I would turn them off and go to sleep. This app makes sure that when it goes off I wake up!

Gets me up every time! :D

I could never get an alarm to wake me up until now and this app is really helpful! I just suggest making a way to turn off an alarm for a while. For example, this week I had a break, and I didn't want to get up at 5 am like I do during a school week. I had to delete my alarm in order to stop it from going off. If you added a on and off switch, it would be more convenient to users that sometimes are not on their regular schedule.

Wonderful alarm

Literally the thing that gets me up in the morning

Un Un Un believable


Love hate

I’m either going to be a mathematician or a morning person lol

Great Alarm 🚨 👌🏾💯

I love this alarm clock ⏰. It does the job to wake you up! Having different task to do to turn it off is a nice trick to make sure you don’t go back to sleep 😴.

Love it

I have always had problems waking up to an alarm but this one is really great. The different choices for the alerts are wonderful. I LOVE the feature that requires you to take a picture of something in order to turn the alarm off. I literally have no choice but to get up and walk out of the room completely. Furthermore due to the great alerts i do actually wake up in the first place. More than pleased with this app

Helps a ton!

In short, this is a fantastic app that never fails to wake me up in the morning unless I fail to turn it on before I go to bed. This app has helped me significantly, it’s helped me develop a sleep schedule when I was unable to do so before. I would normally wake up and turn off my alarm and head right back to bed, but with Alarmy I have to get out of bed for the alarm to shut off. This prevents me from sleeping in and allows me to be more productive. I appreciate the developers for keeping the app running and helping me with a problem I had in my last review. Thank you for helping me sleep better.

Great alarm app.

Very loud, hear it great when I need to get up. Also gets your mind thinking early if you choose the math option to dismiss the alarm. 5 stars!

About time that an alarm actually gets me out of bed!!!

It's math equations really help my brain wake up 👍🏻


Very good




It does wake me up, just doesn't get me out of bed. Or if it did I would stand up and somehow end up asleep again in my bed


I had a hard time getting out of bed, but not anymore! I use it every day including the weekends to help keep my sleep routine the same, and I absolutely love that I can switch up how I wake myself up. Whether it be by solving a math equation or scanning a barcode or shaking.

Great app

I use the math problems to turn off my the alarm. I have to set it at 4-8 problems to make me stay awake to solve them but hey, it works! If I didn’t need silence to fall asleep the sounds are awesome, horoscope/weather section is pretty cool too. Love this app!

taylors review

this is a very useful app.. :)

This app has been life changing

I have a HUGE problem waking up in the morning . I would hit the snooze button a THOUSAND times and STILL never get up on time. This app Alarmy has really helped me get up out of bed . I suggest taking a picture somewhere in the bathroom so that when you're up , you're all ready to brush your teeth and wash your face . By the time you do that you're really awake and ready to get dressed.

Perfect alarm

I always had trouble getting up until I got this alarm. I take a picture of the barcode of my toothpaste and it won’t turn off until I scan it. Great alarm that works.


I tend to always snooze or ignore my alarms. I don’t do that with this one. The alarms are so loud, even if you lower the volume the app will automatically raise the volume up again. And the Siren one that does the trick lol

Love it!

Only app that actually gets me to wake up and is designed with modern aesthetics

Simple, easy to use

Works very well for me!

Easy to use and full personalize!

I love this app, it works perfect, it's easy to use and you can personalize even the background of the alarm! I love it

Best alarm app hands down

Seriously. Download and try it out, it’s pretty hard to sleep through this

Wake up me


Nothing wakes you up like a good old fashioned math problem

Literally love this app, can’t go back to regular alarms after this!!!

Great app!!!!

The app is extensively helpful it strongly assists me in my wake up process. I really have strong positive feelings towards this app. Thank You!!!!!!

Best alarm I've used

Personally the easy math problems get me up in the morning. I do 10 and I'm not going back to sleep. Other alarms don't work on me!

Great for heavy sleepers

I hate it, but that's a good thing. I don't wake up well, and this app has fixed that. Nothing like making me do math to make sure I get my butt out of bed!

Takes a Routine

I had a tough time getting this to work at first but the company actually responded to my first review with tips. Basically I have to open the app before going to bed, and I check then that the phone isn’t silent or do-not-disturb mode. With those 3 things done the night before, this app works every time. I was having trouble before with the alarm not going off because I didn’t open the app before going to sleep. If you can handle the nightly routine this app is great and it really has gotten me up every morning no matter how tired I feel. I wish the nightly routine instructions were spelled out more clearly at the start so there wouldn’t be so much confusion for the first couple weeks. I also wish there was a way to disable the news feed / weather screen that pops up after you turn off the alarm bc it’s annoying to close each time.


Amazing app really love it

Awesome app

An amazing app that has never failed to wake me up in the morning!


It wakes me up every time. I LOVE this app! I would marry it😘😍🤪😜

this app is amazing!!

so, for some reason before school started, my iphone 5s decided ha ur alarm app wont work u need to get an alarm from somewhere else. so i did. i searched up alarms in the app store and whala! alarmy popped up and i honestly thought it was a littleeee sketchy at first but now ive used it for 3 months almost 4 and im in love!!! thank you so much for getting me up every morning, alarmy ❤️


Not a morning person! This app forces me to rise and shine. Definitely recommended for anyone addicted to the Snooze button.


Wakes me up so quickly

This app has helped me immensely!

Alarmy has so many great features all dedicated to helping every type of sleeper get up on time. I'm personally fond of the math problems tool. Helps get my brain going early in the morning. Would definitely recommend!

Helps me wake up and stay up

More helpful that’ll any clock I’ve ever had


This app started off great but now it’s very inconsistent with my iPhone. Sometimes it decides it doesn’t want the alarm to go off and sometimes the alarm will go off without the sound or anything. When it works it’s great but I need an alarm that I can rely on and this isn’t cutting it.

Life changing

Seriously. Having to get up and take a photo- brilliant.

So far so good!

I’m a hard sleeper and I fight my alarm every.single.morning. My brother suggested I try this app, so I gave it a shot. 2 days in and I can definitely say it’s working for me!

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